Italian Language Lessions


Guests may attend Italian courses for individuals or small groups in the farm, in the cool "Carraia" building opposite the swimming-pool.

The courses, in English and Italian, are held by highly qualified teachers in a friendly, welcoming atmosphere.

Full-immersion courses are also available: after a preparatory lesson in the morning, the teacher joins the students for lunch and then accompanies them on trips to places of cultural interest.

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Dr. Tania Masi, graduating in 2002, began to teach Italian Language in courses for children and teenagers in public projects aimed at favoring the integrations of foreign students inside Italian school.

In addition, from 2002 to 2007, she was employed as a lecturer at “Mediterranean Institute of Linguistic” of Pisa.

The teaching practice has raised in her a new interest in the theory and teaching technique, so much that since 2006 she has engaged in a second degree course in Education Scienses.

In addition to the teaching of Italian language, Tania performs editorial activities and educational programs related to interculturalism and inclusion, using theatrical expressive techniques.